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The Metlakatla Development Corporation have an Employment Coordinator - Tara Leighton.

Tara is available for Metlakatla members only to discuss their training needs and employment goals.

If you are not sure of your career path, Tara can help you with an assessment that can steer you in the right direction based on your interests and abilities.

​​The C.T.C has a battery of formalized assessments and academic testing tools to ensure you enter a career that is linked to your interests; the C.T.C is also linked with local and regional industry,  which enables Tara  to help her clients enter careers that have a strong labour market demand. Tara and her team of the C.T.C work with you to discover your interests, access appropriate skilled training, and then place you with an employer for a long term career opportunity.
Tara is skilled in facilitating workshops related to job search strategies, resume development, cover letters, and an intensive user friendly model of Interview Techniques.
If you are a Metlakatla member please call Tara, at the Coastal Training Centre, if you would like to make an appointment.